Nav Coin Conference Announces Exciting New Roadmap

Nav Coin hosted a Conference in Auckland, New Zealand on the 14th of December and streamed their feature roadmap for 2017. The biggest news from the event was the announcement that Nav Coin is officially partnering with cryptocurrency exchange Changelly. In what is undoubtedly a world first, Changelly and Nav Coin will combine their strengths to create a service to anonymize all cryptocurrencies on the Changelly platform called ‘NAVTech Polymorph.’

Changelly is an instant cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to exchange any of their listed coins to any other coin (e.g. NAV to BTC). NAVTech is Nav Coin’s anonymous transaction system. Its dual-blockchain architecture removes the link between sent and received coins as well as allowing integrations where coins of different types are processed through the network. NAVTech Polymorph is a fusion of the two platforms. It will enable users to send any one of 25+ cryptocurrencies anonymously through the dual blockchain powered NAVTech anonymous transaction system. They will even be able to specify different input and output currencies to exchange any Changelly listed coins with the extra privacy that the NAVTech system provides.

“I’m excited to give other cryptocurrencies the same financial privacy that many Nav Coin users are now choosing.” Said Craig MacGregor, the creator of Navtech.

2016 has seen tremendous growth from Nav Coin and now with greater resources Nav Coin’s future trajectory is looking strong. Craig MacGregor also announced at the Conference that the Nav Team is looking to include two new developers and a bigger marketing team in the new year. Always keen to stay at the cutting edge to improve their existing services, Nav also included two research projects relating to their signature subchain in the roadmap. The first will allow new kinds of NAVTech decentralized apps and the second will consolidate NAVTech and the Subchain into a multichain wallet. MacGregor spoke about the popularity of purchasing NAV bundles on the Nav Coin store and further removing obstacles for those wanting to invest in Nav coin with fiat currency. To give greater access in 2017 the roadmap includes

an enterprise grade purchasing platform called ‘Nav Coin Direct’ which allows users to purchase NAV using PayPal or other fiat currency services. Purchasers can also expect to see iphone thin client, android & iphone full node wallets released, and all wallets to contain NAVTech next year.

The conference was also a celebration of Nav coin’s successful relaunch of the anonymous transaction system, known as NAVTech. Macgregor announced that NAVTech would be decentralised on the 21st of December.

View Nav coins full road map for 2017 here