Synereo Announces Beta Release

After successfully completing the first alpha test round, the Synereo team is proud to publicly announce Qrator.

The first step towards Synereo’s vision of a freer and fairer Internet is the liberation of User Generated Content. We believe that the future of the Internet lies in a new and fairer UGC business model – one that empowers independent journalists, artists, and bloggers, rather than the platforms tucked between them and their audiences. Qrator lays the groundwork for just that - giving you a first glimpse of an Attention Economy that puts creators and curators on top of the Internet’s monetary food chain.

In the months to follow, Qrator will continue evolving into a decentralized Attention Economy Layer, including a distributed content delivery network, allowing users to upload content directly to a Synereo distributed CDN. Throughout that time, Qrator will serve the Synereo project in building a cross-platform and inter-network decentralized social graph, laying the groundwork for the network effects necessary to bootstrap a fully populated, distributed social networking platform.

With this, Synereo will be able to hit the ground running with its decentralized social networking app – already populated with users, their social graphs, their identities and histories – all securely stored on the blockchain, privately owned, accessible and controlled by them only.

The Synereo team is looking down a long road; an exciting and promising one, with tangible deliverables that address real-world needs in the immediate future. We are grateful for the privilege of walking this road with you – a diligent and opinionated community of involved members, without which this project would be unimaginable.

We appreciate your attention
-- The Synereo Team