Ethereum Begins To Formalize Casper

Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum network creator, is now in the process of writing three white papers explaining Casper, the protocol's much-anticipated version of proof-of-stake consensus.

As such, the papers could come to mark a major milestone for Ethereum in that, while Casper has long been proposed as a better and greener way to keep the global network in agreement about the blockchain's transaction history, the industry has been waiting for details to be put on paper.

Rather, the idea has been trapped in the brains of a few ethereum developers, with breakthroughs and development scattered across online chat groups and blog posts over the last several years.

As proof-of-stake is pitched as such a crucial piece of ethereum, users have had to trust these developers do indeed have a good plan.

As such, Buterin's formal white papers will now subject ethereum developers to peer-review, which could mark a big step forward for the project which is currently getting ready to upgrade to Metropolis before changing the system over to proof-of-stake.